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Welcome to Wagon Wheels where we are totally crazy about facility vehicles.  After ten years being a Location Manager; I decided that we could elevate the standard of location vehicles within the commercial and photographic industry. Eleven  years on we now  provide a full range production vehicles, which have been built to Wagon Wheels style.

We can supply big and small Winnebagos, Sprinter location vans,  a choice of make up trucks,  dining buses with production area and our  brand new honey wagons. If you have a photo shoot, TV, movie or commercial production, a music event you need to give us a shout.  We have the perfect vehicle or multi vehicle set up to turn your shoot or event into  a sweet one!

Our Location Vehicles

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Need help parking?

We have developed a Google map to help you locate your ideal parking. We have various types of location vehicles to meet your needs for a perfect shoot. Our smallest location vans are ideal if you are shooting in central London with a small crew or need a back up vehicle for production. Our Winnebagos come in two sizes. The smaller are the Ace’s which have a pavement slide to our super luxury larger Pace twin slide for any Super Star. 

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