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Airstream is a motor home manufacturer with a look that creates a strong sense of nostalgia and is instantly recognizable to almost anyone. With its bright stainless finish and unmistakable curves, it’s no wonder that Airstream is a highly-sought after mobile home option for a rustic or retro shoots. Additionally, many productions simply want to ensure the ultimate comfort of their stars, whether in a personal trailer or a comfortable and stylish green room. This is why Airstream remains an icon of American style and comfort, especially among film and television crews and production companies.

By renting an Airstream, one tells the world about their appreciation for the past while providing cast or crew all the comforts the present has to offer. An Airstream gives your cast and crew the opportunity to rest and recuperate in a climate controlled environment, or could even become an impromptu production center as needs dictate. An Airstream mobile home is also the perfect backdrop for a retro or rustic photoshoot. Nothing screams Americana like the bright aluminum finish of this classic motor home. Renting an Airstream could offer any shoot significant savings by combining props and a workable production space that offers style and comfort into a single expense.

An Airstream can also provide the star of the shoot with all of the comforts of home while they’re not on the set, either as a place to rest or lay their head while shooting on location. A well-equipped Airstream available for hire to the film or television industry will be well appointed, with a functional bedroom and bathroom in addition to many other amenities, all crafted for the comfort of even the most discerning VIP.Plus, the vintage style of an Airstream is sure to impress celebrity guests as a green room at a small venue or outdoor event while they wait to be brought on stage.

An Airstream rental is sure to keep important industry guests waiting in style, and talking about the quirky green room long after the event is over.Airstreams and other recreational vehicles like them that are rented out to the entertainment industry are lovingly restored or updated and maintained both inside and out by the companies that own them. This way they are always ready to meet the needs of the next client, even during peak rental season. Companies will also provide an experienced driver with any rental to ensure the comfort, safety, and accessibility for each of their clients. While many clients that might rent an Airstream motorhome might be from the entertainment industry, most companies offering rentals of these vehicles welcome reservations for outside the industry.

A stylish and comfortable Airstream could be just the thing to make a special event unforgettable. Whatever the occasion, an Airstream rental is sure to create a lasting impression for party guests, cast, or crew of any one of a kind event, production, or photoshoot.

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