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Every media production team requires a crew and space for makeup and wardrobe, and those materials are space consuming. Make up truck hires provide every commercial, television, film, or music production crew with the most accommodating options for transporting those items from one filming location to another.

Three well equipped, elegant, and light make up trucks and wardrobe splits offer a variety of excellent options to production crews. The Tucker, make up split one and the largest of the three, is ideal for larger productions. The truck has two separate entrances from the kerb, making it easily roadside accessible. The front of the truck is fitted with a spacious three-position makeup location complete with well-lit mirrors and a sink that comfortably runs hot and cold water, a large costume area, 10’ x 7’ fitted hanging rails, a convenient washer and dryer located in the back of the truck, a steamer, air conditioning and underfloor heating, and stabilizers to limit movement on location.

 The Bernal, make up split two or the wardrobe truck, is slightly smaller than the Tucker, but still offers incredible features. The Bernal comes equipped with air conditioning and underfloor heating, a two-position makeup area with a hair washing sink, a large costume area, a 10’ x 7’ hanging rail, and a music station. The combination of the Bernal with a Winnebago has been a favorite pair for larger photo shoots.

The 5 Position Makeup Truck, the smallest of the three splits, is an excellent choice when filming in tight spaces. The 5 Position Makeup Truck comes fitted with air conditioning and underfloor heating, a three-position makeup area that can convert into a five-position makeup area by using the provided folding table, a sink, a rear wardrobe area, 2’ x 13’ of wardrobe rails, and a music station.

Hiring a makeup truck rental service is an efficient and cost effective way to both transport makeup and costume and to provide a space for the cast to prepare for production. Renting hotel rooms or other immobile facilities can be expensive, and those actions lack the versatility trucks provide. While the trucks are only meant to transport makeup and wardrobe and not to carry passengers, they offer the convenience of a mobile dressing room that traveling production crews need.

Each truck comes with an expert driver who will approach the transport of makeup and wardrobe with the utmost respect and caution. The drivers will assist and advise the production crew whenever needed and in any way they can while maintaining discretion and a totally professional demeanor.

If you or your employer is searching for a way to both carry makeup and wardrobe and provide a media production cast with a dressing room, one of the three makeup trucks will provide the most cost effective, convenient, and comfortable way for you to accomplish that goal. The Tucker is an excellent choice for larger productions, the Bernal works well for mid-sized productions, and the 5 Position Makeup Truck will fit in tight spaces. Whatever your goals may be, there is a makeup truck waiting for you. 

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