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Ace Winnebago - ULEZ Compliant 


Our ULEZ Ace Winnebagos are only 8.5 meters long and 2.4 meters  wide (slide in). The Ace Winnebago can be used in the City and small country roads. Once inside you will see that they have everything you would expect from much larger location vehicles. With wide door access and a flat floor open layout, they boast a full kitchen and bathroom, a two position hair & make up with large full length hanging rail for costume and wardrobe.

The vehicle is powered by a quiet onboard 5kva generator whilst keeping the crew warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In whichever way you use these beautiful American Motorhomes they could be the perfect Moho for your shoot. We are happy to talk to you about your shoot or event requirements.

Ace Winnebago Gallery

Ace Winnebago


Double make up area and wardrobe rails 
Air-Conditioning and Under Floor Heating
Bathroom with Basin, Toilet and Shower
Full Wall Slide Out to Pavement
Nespresso Coffee Machine
Super Fast Wifi* at £15 per day
4Kva Onboard Generato

Hire Rates


10 Hours Base to Base - £495 (Mon to Sat)
Sunday - £595 

Bank Holiday - Double Time
Night Hours (01.00-04.00) - £170 Extra
Overtime - £74.25 Per Hour
Generator - £10 Per Hour
Mileage - £1.65 Per Mile
Super Fast Wifi, Tea, Coffee Machine

Vehicle Specification


Length – 8.5 Meters
Height – 3.6
Width (Slide In) – 2.4 Meters
Width (Slide Out) – 3.0 Meters
Weight – 7 Tonnes
Vehicle Registrations – V4 – V5 WWS
Full Wall Slide for Extra Space
Low Step Easy Access

Ace Winnebago Layout

Ace Winnebago Hire

"Thanks for all your help throughout the series. I’m sure I’ll be in touch again soon! :) xx"


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