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Terms and Conditions

Wagon Wheels on Location Limited are totally committed to customer service and we undertake to provide the very best production Vehicles always fit for purpose. Our terms of business which will help you when deciding if we are the best Vehicle facilities partner for you're project.

All of our location vehicles are provided on a minimum 10 hours base to base and are charged from the time they leave our base (HP7 0QF) until the time of return to base and any cleaning and repreparation work will be included in the hired rate of the vehicle.

Our vehicles are not self-drive.

We do not carry passengers on any of our vehicles except our location vans.

Smoking is not permitted inside at any time, the use of any illicit or illegal substances will not be tolerated on any of our vehicles at any time, but if you have some spare do donate to the boss. 

It must be understood that the misuse of our vehicles such as signs, equipment against the vehicle and the removal of company property or stock from the vehicle without permission. Anything not returned clean and undamaged will result in a charge being made to Production or client for repair or replacement.

At no time do we carry equipment heavy lighting or camera equipment on our vehicles that can lead to damage.

All bookings are taken on a option basis and must be confirmed no later than 24 hours before the intended date of use, a booking that is confirmed and then released will be subject to a cancellation of a 10 hour day.

​All invoices are subject to VAT and are to be paid within 30 days of the date of invoice. 

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