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Care of Duty

Wagon Wheels on Location Ltd


Wagon Wheels on Location Limited, take our customer commitments very very seriously.

We only use experienced drivers, they might have the odd bash every so often but its never their fault.

All of our vehicles are correctly insured and carry the relevant specialist policies to enable us to operate in the correct manner, not some dodgy motorhome insurance.

It is important to understand that we do not cover any items or property both personal or business that is not directly owned by Wagon Wheels on Location Limited, and at no time will the company or any associates by held liable for any loss, damage or a missing diamond ring.

We carry the correct commercial combined liabilities insurances which include employers and public as required, we can email you a copy if you need it.

Wagon Wheels on Location Limited is a correctly registered and certified company under regulation 28 of Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011, to carry and dispose of waste generated on our vehicles, we even have a proper place to dispose of waste rather than the roadside.

We only use where possible, bio degradable and or recyclable disposable products on our vehicles.

All our vehicles on our website are owned by Wagon Wheels on Location Ltd, we don’t pretend that we are bigger than our waist line.

We do not hit people or have anger managment issues.

We have only grown our company with dedication rather than stealing ideas and clients from other companies.

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