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Wardrobe Truck for Hire in London

Londons Leading Wardrobe Truck Company


For any film or television set or photoshoot, a proper wardrobe area is essential. This can provide a logistical problem for any project done outside of a studio. When shooting on location, a proper climate controlled wardrobe and makeup area can make all the difference to cast and crew by keeping them and wardrobe changes out of the elements. Hiring a wardrobe truck can solve these problems for any sort of production in the entertainment industry. whether for film, television, or a fashion shoot.

A properly outfitted wardrobe truck offers a protected environment for expensive wardrobe items, unlike a tent or other temporary structure. While tents may provide shade, they do not offer protection from heat, cold, or wind, and require the rental of other equipment for makeup and hair. Hiring a complete wardrobe and makeup truck eliminates the need for expensive equipment rentals from multiple vendors and provides a complete makeup, hair, and dressing area for a single reasonable rate. However, only top of the line wardrobe trucks for hire combine a wardrobe space, hair washing sink, and makeup chair in a single space.

Fitted with a hair washing sink, wardrobe storage area, and a waiting area, a proper wardrobe truck will also save time and money, especially for smaller or lower budget productions. Housing both wardrobe and makeup in a single location can help eliminate confusion and reduce travel time between multiple trailers on a larger set. As for a smaller project, a wardrobe truck offers significant savings over traditional spaces because they can be rented for as little as half a day, removing the need to pay for unoccupied space or unused equipment.

A hired wardrobe and makeup truck is also a great option for shooting on location, whether for the film, television, or fashion industry. A hired wardrobe truck can be where and when its needed, and comes complete with an experienced driver to deliver and park it properly and on schedule, reducing the risk of on-set accidents. Smaller productions can benefit from a wardrobe truck too, offering a cost-effective option that combines hair, makeup, and wardrobe into a single vehicle. This eliminates the need for multiple structures, which can cause concern when available space is limited.

Furthermore, a wardrobe truck can be moved at a moment’s notice, unlike more permanent structures. A hired truck can simply be driven to a new location and requires very little breakdown or setup time. This reduces the burden on the crew in addition to the man hours needed for the setup and takedown of a production, and time is money on any film, television, or photo shoot. Hiring a wardrobe and makeup truck from a reputable company means that schedules will be kept and projects will come in on budget. 

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