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Honey Wagon Hire

Honey Wagon Hire from Wagon Wheels

Honey wagons in the film industry. During the past few years, honey wagons have received much attention, especially within the film industry. The convenience delivered by them to the film crew has contributed a lot towards the popularity. A honey wagon can simply be defined as a portable toilet, which can easily be towed from one place to another. When the film crews are moving, they prefer to take a honey wagon along with them, because of the benefits delivered by it throughout the movie making process.

The honey wagons come along with compact dimensions and they can easily fit into most of the spaces. Therefore, space will not be a major concern when a film crew is using a honey wagon. Even production and location managers prefer to use them because of the compact design. The towing vehicle of the honey wagon would usually come along with a gully sucker. Therefore, it has the ability to refresh and empty the entire honey wagon without even moving it. This feature has impressed film crews that are looking forward to rent honey wagons on a long term. They will be able to save a considerable amount of money and use it with peace of mind.

The honey wagons that can be found out there in the world are bright, clean and eco-friendly. They have the ability to help the movie production crew throughout and make the life easy for them. All the required facilities also come along with the honey wagon and people who hire them will not have to worry about anything. For example, LED lights have been introduced to light up the interior of the wagons. The LED lighting doesn’t cost a fortune and it can deliver amazing cost savings on energy.

The honey wagons come along with dedicated toilets for both men and women. A standard sized honey wagon would usually contain about 4 toilets. It is possible to find fresh water systems in them, which can impress the users. In addition, both hot and cold running water can be found. The thermostat controlled heating can cater all the comfort requirements of the individuals who spend their time inside the honey wagon. Soap and paper is also supplied along with the honey wagon and people who rent it will not have to worry about anything. This can give the film crew with the opportunity with enough time to focus on other tasks. In other words, the crew just need to rent a honey wagon and the supplier would take care of everything. If you are interested in renting a honey wagon for your film set, you can think about contacting us at Wagon Wheels Facilities.

We have got compact honey wagons that come with both 2 and 3 doors. The composition of the honey wagon would be either 2 men, 2 women and 1 child or 2 men and 2 women. A generator is also provided along with every honey wagon rental. Feel free to contact us if you have any other concerns.

Honeywagons come in all shapes and sizes to meet various requirements, from tiny units which can be towed by a car and which offer the basic minimum of faclities, to large, self-powered trucks with onboard generators and multiple cubicles; these can cater for the needs of larger crews on busy sets. As with everything else nowadays, the technology of the honeywagon has moved on and evolved rapidly. Wagon Wheels offers compact, modern, extremely manoeuvrable and versatile honeywagons which are ideal for shoots where a quick setup and possibly several moves during the day are required. We have a couple of 2-door units and a brand new 3-door one for use when children are on set. All of our honeywagons can be towed by our Landrover, or alternatively by our gully-sucking tow truck for longer rentals.

The term ‘honey wagon’ first made an appearance in the Dictionary of American slang around 1910 and has since been used to refer variously (and facetiously) to a garbage truck, manure wagon or manure spreader, and of course a mobile toilet facility. The original honey wagons were horse-drawn and provided an essential way for households in built-up areas to dispose of their waste, where no other effective sewage or sanition was available. The film and production industry has long been an avid user of the essential facilities offered by the honey wagon on locations and shoots, where the convenience of a mobile toilet, often with the addition of a gully sucker to prolong the effective duration of service, is nothing short of indispensable. It is asserted by some dictionary websites that the use of the term honeywagon is preferred in its one word incarnation when referring specifically to its use on film sets.

They benefit from fresh water systems with ingenious and eco-friendly recycling of grey water for that final flush, with the addition of biodegradeable chemicals in the waste tank. Attractive, simple and easily-cleaned surfaces combine with an onboard 12-volt LED lighting scheme run from a powerful leisure battery to provide the most pleasant environment at minimal environmental impact. The 5Kva generator needs a minimum of running time to boost up the system when demand becomes heavier. Our honeywagons are a far cry from the older trucks which used to offer minimal sanitation in desperate circumstances, and are an infininitely preferable, regularly cleaned, bright and welcoming alternative to the ‘dump, drive away and forget’ cubicles supplied to many festivals and other events.

Honeywagons from Wagon Wheels on location – definitely the way to go!

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