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Dining Bus Services in London

Londons Leading Dining Bus Company

Production site logistics can become a hassle on a film or television set. Providing cast and crew with a suitable eating or waiting area can present a real problem, especially when shooting on location. Tents need to be set up and broken down and don’t offer much protection from the elements. However, hiring a dining bus from a reputable company can alleviate some of these space and cost concerns for a tight production budget while providing a comfortable place for extras to wait or the crew to take meals or breaks.

Aside from a comfortable place for cast or crew to grab a bite, hiring a dining bus also provides a climate controlled environment for extras and other cast members to wait between takes. This is especially important if shooting outdoors in hot or cold months, so cast and crew don’t succumb to the elements. A climate controlled waiting area can also be important to productions with delicate costumes or makeup, protecting them until they are needed on camera.

Space concerns can be alleviated by renting a dining bus for a smaller or time sensitive production. Because a dining bus rental from a reputable operation will arrive on time with a qualified driver capable of moving the bus when and where it needs to go. Tents need to be set up and taken down, which takes time and costs money. A hired dining bus can be ready to move at a moment’s notice, taking cast, crew, and production along with it.

A well-appointed dining bus can also provide a mobile production area to any kind of shoot. While the cast and crew take lunch in the front, the production team can continue their work in the comfort of the rear production area the bus provides. If production needs to continue while locations change, hiring a dining bus with a production area is essential.

If noise is a concern at a shoot, a quality dining bus will have available battery power in order to offer comfort without waking the neighbours during early morning or late night hours, or times when non-diegetic sound needs to be at a minimum. Battery power can provide a greener alternative than a generator for productions with an environmental conscience.

With their reasonable hire rates, a dining bus an excellent alternative to tent or traditional space rentals for any cost conscious, time sensitive, or last minute production needs for cast and crew comfort. While the bulk of clients renting dining buses come from the entertainment industry and use them for an eating and waiting area, this type of vehicle is also available for any kind of hire. 

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