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Shooting on location for the film, television, or fashion industry comes with a host of logistical problems, particularly in remote areas. Cast and crew need a place to eat and take breaks, production staff need a place to work, stars need personal trailers, there needs to be a site for hair, makeup and wardrobe; the list goes on. And for some productions, getting the necessary equipment to a site may pose its own set of problems. However, the headaches of shooting outside a studio can be eliminated by hiring film facility vehicles from the right company.

Some companies renting out film facility vehicles may offer everything you need, but only an enterprise with the best selection of modern and vintage trailers and motorhomes will offer the most value to any production budget. While a good company will have dining buses, production vehicles, makeup and wardrobe trucks, or even prop vehicles, only the best company will have updated, modern, versatile film facility vehicles that combine several functions into a single space.

Whatever facilities a production requires, only the best film facility vehicle company will offer everything in a one stop shop, removing the need to hire from multiple vendors. By hiring from a single company, a production logistics team can streamline deliveries, arrivals, setup and takedown, which helps keep the rest of the cast and crew on schedule. Plus, providing cast and crew with climate controlled environments in which they can rest, recuperate, and take meals shows them they are appreciated.

Whether a project needs a dining bus, a makeup or wardrobe truck, a production space, or a motorhome as part of a scene, only a top film facility vehicle company will offer single use or multipurpose options, as well as classic motorhomes. Dining buses with rear production areas are very popular for productions of all sizes, as are combination makeup and wardrobe trucks. Additionally, classic motorhomes like the Winnebago or Airstream are in high demand for use as props, VIP trailers, greenrooms, and shooting locations. Hired film facility vehicles are also great for any production that needs to shoot in multiple locations in a single day. Unlike tents or other more permanent structures, a dining bus or makeup truck can simply be moved to the new location with minimal fuss, potentially carrying cast, crew, or equipment with it.

Hiring film facility vehicles from the right company can save time, money, and even space when that is a concern. Furthermore, only the best company will offer all of the top of the line film facility vehicles a production needs, whether its peak or off season, short notice or with advanced reservation. They will also guarantee that any hired vehicles will be delivered on schedule by experienced drivers who know the business and the etiquette of being on set. But not all vendors or their film facility vehicles are created equally. Each project is unique and will have specific needs, and only the best can meet all those needs under one roof.

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