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Wagon Wheels Donates £1000

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Today my daughter fell off her pony, I called 999 I gave a what3words the next thing I knew that the Thames Valley Air Ambulance turned up in a massive helicopter with the most amazing crew, I call them the angels of the sky.

I can't not tell you what a relief it was to have them there when your daughter is lying in agony waiting for help. What I don't understand is that the Thames Valley Air Ambulance is a charity. Our taxes are paying for projects such as the HS2 but not for a something that saves lives.

Wagon Wheels made a donation today as it hit hard but please click the link below - maybe one day they might help you or someone you know.

Lucy has come away lightly with a broken ankle but it could have been so much worse. All she wants to do is to get back onto the stupid pony again….

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